Earthmate PRODEWATERING® GEOBAG®, also known as sediment filter bags or silt bags, are an easy and economical option for any site looking to remove sediment or silt from their discharge. Earthmate PRODEWATERING® GEOBAG® is made from high modulus nonwoven geotextile fabric, so they are highly effective, strong, and durable to catch and contain sediment as it is pumped from your site.Earthmate PRODEWATERING® GEOBAG® could be fabricated to custom sizes to facilitate placement specific to the projects.

  • Construction sites, 
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sediment & Erosion control
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Agriculture
  • Sludge from Oil Drilling*
  • Sludge Removal

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Large range of standard sizes available
  • Customised sizes and solutions also available
  • Tough&Durable
  • Effectively removes pollutants from pumped out water
  • Cost-effective
Fabric: NWG 8oz, NWG 10oz
Dimension: 4' x 6' (1.2 m x 1.8 m), 5' x 6' (1.5 m x 1.8 m), 6' x 6' (1.8 m x 1.8 m), 15' x 10' (4.6 m x 3.0 m), 15' x 15' (4.6 m x 4.57 m), 15' x 20' (4.6 m x 6.1 m), 15' x 25' (4.6 m x 7.6 m)

Earthmate® is a leader in the geosynthetics industry for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to support the unique challenges of civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects across a variety of sectors including: road construction, water and waste management, mining, oil & gas, retaining wall, containment and agriculture.