POLYDRAIN™ Bi-Planar or Tri-Planar Drainage Geocomposite

Earthmate POLYDRAIN™ HDPE Composited Drainage Geonet is a composited drainage which consists of Bi-Planar or Tri-Planar Geonets made from HDPE resin with continuous filament Polyester nonwoven geotextile heat bonded on one side or both sides of Geonets. The combination of Nonwoven geotextiles and geonet offers an excellent system of “Filter-Drainage-Protection”. Earthmate POLYDRAIN™ HDPE Composited Drainage Geonet is installed behind waterproofed retaining walls as an effective drainage system extending to the entire construction surface, capable of uniformly and continually collecting infiltrating water. It also will provide you with practical solutions for a wide variety of groundwater and gas related problems in Landfill and Waste Management.

  • Slope & Retaining walls drainage
  • Highway edge, roads and railway drains
  • Landfill Ground water drainage & Gas dispersal and collection
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Green roofs & Building drainage

  • Flexibility, Quick and Easier installation
  • Time and Cost saving
  • High pressure stability
  • High flow performance even under heavy strain
  • very slight creeping
  • Consistent material properties
  • Large Roll Width (4.6M)

  • BP50NW150/200/270
  • BP63NW150/200/270
  • BP70NW150/200/270
  • BP76NW150/200/270
  • BP80NW150/200/270
  • BP90NW150/200/270
  • TP50NW150/200/270
  • TP63NW150/200/270
  • TP70NW150/200/270
  • TP76NW150/200/270
  • TP80NW150/200/270
  • TP90NW150/200/270

Earthmate® is a leader in the geosynthetics industry for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to support the unique challenges of civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects across a variety of sectors including: road construction, water and waste management, mining, oil & gas, retaining wall, containment and agriculture.