BASALFAB® Silt Fence

Earthmate BASALFAB® Silt Fence is a sediment and erosion control device used to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in storm water runoff. Earthmate BASALFAB® Silt Fence is manufactured with UV stabilized, high tensile polypropylene silt tapes that are woven to form a dimensionally stable network. Earthmate BASALFAB® Silt Fence is widely used on construction sites among the world due to their low cost and easy installation. Fabric options include 88 grams (Contractor Grade) and 100 grams (DOT Grade) in three different color: Black Black, Green Black, Orange Black. Earthmate BASALFAB® Silt Fence is available in 3’x 300’ and 3’x1500’ rolls. Customized and Logo Printing is available.2 years life expectancy.

  • Keeping silt from leaving
  • Creating a physical barrier around construction site
  • Protecting streams and waterways

  • Quick and easy installation
  • UV stabilized
  • Effective Containment of Silt and Sediment
  • Helping Prevent Erosion

  • SF70 (2.06oz)
  • SF90
  • SF100 (3.0oz)
  • SF105
  • SF110
  • SF130

Earthmate® is a leader in the geosynthetics industry for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to support the unique challenges of civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical projects across a variety of sectors including: road construction, water and waste management, mining, oil & gas, retaining wall, containment and agriculture.